Conetchat terms and conditions

Provision of Services
The main aim of Conetchat is to offer information services, ensuring the functioning of the Internet platform presentations and placements, searching, sharing information about Users, information that is maintained by the Administration to ensure the establishment of Dating between Users. 
To reduce spam and scam on our platforms,  every user will pass the preliminary registration procedure. Our team will very the authenticity of every application before approval. If any application is considered fake, such application will be declined.
After entering the data by the User, Administration of site checks and activates the User’s profile. The Website Administration has the right to refuse the activation of a User’s profile, if the entered data will be set false or fail to meet the terms of this Agreement.
Conetchat will not be held responsible for the completeness, correctness, actuality of the information provided by the User. 
The User of the Website may be any natural person aged at least 18 years old. By registering on the Website the User confirms that the data of his age corresponds to the terms of this Agreement.
The User must have the necessary equipment that allows viewing and access to the Website on the Internet, email and the browser for viewing the Website. 
Access to Conetchat services may be changed (extended or reduced) by the at anytime. This also applies to adding/deleting services.  
The User understands and agrees that the Administration is not responsible for applying placed information on the Website by the User or by third parties; and use of external resources, links which can be on the Website.
Terms of Participation
Creation of account on Conetchat is free.
Users have the options to use our free and paid services.
Due to the nature of our services, users are advised not to place open access information on their profile; information that may indicate any possibility of direct contact with them ( e.g phone number, contact information etc).
To ensure a high quality of our services, users are not permitted to use our websites and app and related services in other purposes that are contrary to the nature of the platform, it is highly forbidden to:
• distribute of pornographic materials;
• implementation of commercial and promotional activities;
•distribute spam and unsolicited commercial information;
• publish on the Website any materials that violate Nigerian laws, good practice, principles and morality, insulting the honor, dignity or violate the personal rights of others.
Paid Services
Conetchat offers paid services inform of subscription  models. Conet Match and Relationship matters are examples of such services.
Since our payment methods are subscription based, there is no refund after payment.
Dos and Don’ts
Users are not allowed to download, send, transmit or any other way of publishing materials, documents and photos that are illegal, threatening, offending the morality and human dignity, containing rude and offensive expressions.
 No user is allowed to upload, send, transfer or transmit any material containing viruses or other computer codes, files or programs intended for violation, destruction or limitation of functionality of any our services.
To provide true, accurate and complete information about yourself during registration and to keep this information up to date.
Immediately notify the Administration about any case of unauthorized (not permitted by the User) access with the username and password of the User and/or any other breach of security of the Website.
To post pictures with the image of the User and/or third parties on the website only with the consent of the right holder and third parties depicted in the photographs.
Not to publish in open access e-mail addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, links and other contact information.
Not to post at the Website any commercial advertising, commercial offers, promotional materials, transmit through the personal messages any spam, messages that require its transfer to one or more Users, pyramid schemes, network (multilevel) marketing and offer to take part in them, any other Intrusive information.
Without the consent of company not to make transactions or offer to make transactions with other users concerning any goods, works or services, to use the Website for advertising purposes or illegal propaganda materials.
The User acknowledges that materials posted on the Website may be accessible to other Internet users for whose actions the Administration is not responsible.
• The Administration has the right:
• To provide free and paid services to Users.
• To change the cost and types of services, the terms of their actions.
• To modify the Website at its own discretion.
• To make changes to this Agreement unilaterally.
• To suspend or cancel the User’s registration and to deny him the applying of the Website in case User violates the terms of the Agreement.
The Administrator reserves the right to refuse to consent the publication of the photos, which size more than 20 megabytes, if the image is poor quality or does not meet the conditions of publication on the Website.
The Administration has the right, without notification, to remove content and User information, which do not meet the standards of the current legislation of Ukraine, and also has the right to deny the User the further access to the Website in the event User violates the terms of the Agreement, with the right to delete User’s profile from the Website.
To remove from its servers any information or materials which the Administration will be considered unwanted and/or that violate an Agreement or law.
To transfer rights under this Agreement to third parties for the execution of the Agreement without the additional consent of the User.
The Administration reserves the right to change the terms of the Agreement and all its integral parts at any time without any prior notification. A new version of the Agreement and/or any its integral part, the terms of which were changed, takes effect upon publication on the Website, if different commencement of such changes is not defined by the Administration in their publication. Actual (current) version of the Agreement and all its integral parts is always on the Website for public access page on the Website. 
If the User continues to use the services of the Site after the publication of changes to the Agreement, it is assumed that the User thereby accepts changes to the terms.
If the User does not accept changes to the Agreement, he should refrain from logging on to the Website and immediately inform the Administration about his decision. The notification of non-acceptance of changes to the terms of the Agreement entails removing the User’s Profile.

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