Conetchat Helpdesk

Below are some help tips that will enable you get familiar with Conetchat. Simply follow them gradually.

Creating Account

To create a free account on Conetchat, simply visit to get started.

After signing up, you will have to allow our team to review your details. If your information and photo are confirmed to be true, you will be allowed to join Conetchat.

Accessing your account

After receiving approval from Conetchat team through the email you provide, you can now proceed to login.

Geo-political Regions

Immediately after login, you will always be directed to the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria. You are free to look for potential partners in any region or join any region of your choice.


Every user on Conetchat has an account. On your account dashboard you can manage your chats, friend requests, messages, blog, settings etc

You can take full advantage of this great and unique platform to find future partners.

Private Messaging

Conetchat allows you to send private messages to friends, lovers and group members so as to create intimacy. Take advantage of this unique system to build your relationship(s).

Sending Friend Request

If you will like to send a friend request or add somebody as a friend on Conetchat, click on the person’s account and locate the add as friend button, this action will send your request to the desired person.

Blogging System

Our blogging system allows you to share key information to the general group or some selected people you choose.

Accepting Friend Request

To accept friendship request, click on the friendship request notification and locate the accept button.


If your question(s) were not answered in the sections above, then you can send a message to our support team. Email

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