Welcome to ConetWork

Increase your luck and chances of meeting the right client or skilled workers by subscribing to ConetWork. Your subscription will enable Conetchat team match you with the right professionals in the skilled labour or clients very close to your interests.

You will be paired up using key factors such as age, criminal conviction, temperament, emotional balance, level of education, areas of strength, likes/dislikes, religious belief, phone number, contact address.

All you need to do is to subscribe and allow Conetchat pair you up. It’s very easy and straight forward. Subscribe with our secure payment system using your Credit or Debit card. 

You will be charged as low as $5 USD per match. All you need is to fill the subscription form, put in the amount you wish and allow our team pair you up according to the amount you subscribe with. 

Have you made your payment for ConetWork subscription? If yes then you can submit your application below. No application(s) without payment will be processed.

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