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On the homepage you will see a signup bottom. Carefully register your details. Remember your username and password as you will need them to login to your account.

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After successful registration, you will be automatically added to all members section; you have the choice to leave at anytime. There are different sections (e.g: Clients, Skilled Service Providers or VIP). Choose the one that best fits you and join. Remember to maintain the rules for using Conetchat services.

Blogging System

Conetchat has a powerful social blogging system that allows you to share updates with friends and group members. Take advantage of this system to share relevant information. We encourage users not to abuse this right, to avoid been permanently removed from Conetchat..

Start Exploring

Conetchat helps both clients (e.g household owners) and services providers (e.g car repairers) living in the same city or town locate each other. Our platform is unique, it allows you to make choices according to your interests.

Private messaging

Conetchat has a powerful private messaging system that allows you to send private messages to friends. Take advantage of this system to reach out to potential clients and skilled service providers.

Terms and Conditions

Conetchat works had to ensure the information provided by its users is true. Conetchat will not be responsible for any further communications and transactions that will ensue between parties as a result of using its platform and services.

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