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Connecting talented people with talent promoters and mentors.

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Take your Creativity to the next level.

Conetchat was designed and built with you in mind. We believe there are millions of very creative and talented people out there who need promotion, mentorship and sponsorship to take their creativity to the next level. That is why we are here! Take advantage of this unique platform.

Passion, Talents and Mentorship

Follow Your Passion

Conetchat gives you a digital platform to follow your interest and also connect with people who share your passion around the world.

Talent Promotion

Connect, chat, build your network and stand the chance of connecting with talent promoters around the world.


Are you a creative person or an enthusiast looking for a mentor to help you take your skills or dream to the next level? Conetchat is the perfect place for you!

What you will get from conetchat.

Conetchat cares about you and have carefully designed the following packages just for you.

World of innovation!

With digital technology, distance is no longer a barrier. You can connect with creative people who share your passion, meet talent promoters who can help take your creativity and career to the next level and also connect with world class mentors all in one place. All you need is to create your free account on Conetchat to get started.  

Is conetchat Right for me?

It doesn’t matter what area you are good at or interested in, it could be in Music, Tech, Football, basketball, Fashion, Visual and Creative Arts, Sciences, Architecture, Business, Software Development etc. Conetchat is for everyone. Simply create your free account, follow your passion, meet talent promoters and connect with Mentors around the world.

Join Conetchat today, It's free!

Online Mentorship

Sign up for free on Conetchat and receive mentorship from the best mentors in the world.


With Conetchat you are not limited by distance. Connect with people around the world who share your passion.


Keep tract of our talent search events, activities and news taking place in your area. Conetchat promotes creativity!

Business Classes

Get business management tutorials from best financial experts through the ConetAcademy.


Take advantage of our talent academy to horn your talent and skills for an impactful future and career.

Time Management

Learn how to effectively manage your time and talent.

Knowledge is money

Knowledge is power and money! Many people are still poor because they lack the right knowledge that will help them transform their skills and talents into wealth. Enroll for the ConetAcademy Business classes to help you get started on your road to wealth creation.

Talent Fastlane
Increase your Luck!

Increase your luck and chances of being noticed by talent promoters. Subscribe to the ConetFastlane to take your talent and creative works in front of the people that matter in your industry.

Conetchat is a digital platform that enables people of different talents and creativity make new friends and also connect with talent promoters all over the world. In order to enforce compliance and serve you better, we adhere strictly to our terms and conditions.